Safe. Comfortable. Healing.

After twenty years of helping individuals, families and groups improve their mental health, Katherine Cosimano created The Blue Blanket Inc. in response to the increased demand for help in our communities. What most people refer to as mental illness is typically normal human emotion, distinguished only by where we might fall on the spectrum of severity. Everyone deals with stress, anxiety, fatigue, fear, depression, or feeling overwhelmed. Its the severity and how you deal with your troubles that makes the difference.

The Blue Blanket Inc. was created to change the narrative from mental illness to mind wellness. It is more than a business, it is a movement. As a solution to the needs of todays communities, The Blue Blanket is comprised of seasoned professionals who have achieved much in their individual careers, but together, they recognize there is still so much work to be done. Through the hosting of group sessions and retreats such as Soul Restoration and Humans 101, The Blue Blanket hopes to have a greater impact upon individuals, groups and communities by empowering mind wellness on a mass scale.

What do we offer?

The Blue Blanket provides high-quality, accessible mental health treatment courses & retreats for individuals and groups facing the challenges that are a consequence of the current chaos and quality of life in American society. 

Through a curriculum of proven, highly effective tools and techniques, The Blue Blanket meets you wherever you are, and then supports you as you adopt a greater sense of empowerment, connection, purpose, and wellness, both physical and emotional. The Blue Blanket offers a range of in-person, virtual and self-directed classes, as well as multi-day retreats to equip you with the awareness, understanding, skills and techniques to confront and manage the biggest challenges in your life.

We use a variety of best practice modalities, including traditional psychotherapeutic techniques, commitment & acceptance theory, neuro-scientific principles, yoga, mindfulness, sound healing, and art therapy. By giving you the tools, guidance and a values-guided path forward, The Blue Blanket empowers you to achieve mind wellness – the necessary foundation for living your best life.

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Why does The Blue Blanket exist?

In 2020, Katherine Cosimano, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker could no longer bear witness to all the suffering and losses in the world without doing everything in her power to help. She had the skills, experience, motivation, and heart to provide people with the safety and knowledge they need to heal themselves.

“The full recognition that I had the ability to help so many people in the past served as a call to action that I needed to find a way to expand this impact to many more people in the future. That is how my journey towards creating a national center for mental health treatment began.  Mental health has not only been my profession for 20 years, but it is also an issue that has touched me personally through clinical depression in my twenties, and a suicide in my family. Guiding people back to mental wellness is their first step on the path to living their best life; it is my passion, it is my goal, and it is the legacy that I will leave for future generations.”

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Just as a blanket was created out of necessity, so too was the creation of The Blue Blanket.
That necessity is our shared mental health crisis, borne out by the data that touches all of us:

Suicide was the leading cause of death in people ages 10-34 in 2022 (CDC)

Suicide increased 30% between 2000 and 2020 (CDC)

21% of adults experienced mental illness in 2022. That’s 1 in 5 or 50 million Americans (NAMI)

24% of adults reported symptoms of depression in 2022 (U.S. News & World Report)

Anxiety affected 40 million adults in the U.S. in 2022 (ADAA)

66% of the U.S. workforce experienced burnout in 2022 (Forbes)

89% of HR/Benefits leaders say mental health support is a high priority (AMA)