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Safe. Comfortable. Healing.

The Blue Blanket Inc. was created to change the narrative from mental illness to mind wellness. It is more than a business – it is a movement to address our national mental health crisis.

As a solution to the needs of today’s communities, The Blue Blanket is led by seasoned professionals who have achieved much in their individual careers, but together, they recognize there is still so much work to be done.

Through the hosting of group sessions, online courses, teaching skills and strategies, and immersive in person retreats such as Soul Restoration and Humans 101, The Blue Blanket will have a greater impact on individuals, groups, and communities by empowering mind wellness on a mass scale—

Restore Your Soul

The Truest Version of You

What do we offer?

The Blue Blanket Approach—ALWAYS provide high-quality, effective, and accessible mental health through treatment courses, sessions & retreats for individuals and groups facing the challenges that are a normal consequence of our daily lives.

We offer a variety of experiences and best practice modalities, including:

By giving you the tools and a values-guided path forward, The Blue Blanket empowers you to achieve mind wellness – the necessary foundation for living your best life.

Our next retreat will be announced soon!

Coming in 2024!

The Blue Blanket changes lives

Why Does The Blue Blanket Exist?

After 20 years helping individuals, families, groups and communities improve their mental health, Katherine King created The Blue Blanket Inc. in response to the increased demand for help in communities.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a powerful track record of restoring mind wellness for hundreds of clients, Katherine brings her skills, experience, motivation, and heart to The Blue Blanket.

“The recognition that I had the ability to help people was the call to action I needed to expand this impact to many more people. That is how my journey towards creating a national center for mental health treatment began.

Guiding people back to mental wellness is the first step on the path to empowering them to live their best life; it is my passion, it is my goal, and it is the legacy that I will leave for future generations.”

Just as a blanket was created out of necessity, so too was the creation of The Blue Blanket. That necessity is our shared mental health crisis, borne out by the data that touches all of us:

The Blue Blanket won’t eliminate all of our shared mental health challenges, but it is an important first step that will put us back on a positive path, bring us together as a community and a society, and empower us as individuals to rise to the challenges we all face at some point in our lives.