Wellness Tools

Use these tools to help you gain and maintain the skills you need to reflect, discover, and act upon what is truly you.

You will watch the video, complete the journaling and the assignments in the workbook, and then use the collaging and prompts and create a book about yourself that will be a keepsake for years to come.

$ 60 USD

In this course you’ll create little messages of love and truth that are written directly to your soul. Truth cards contain powerful words that give us hope to keep going. The impact of creating and having these messages on hand is incalculable.

$ 40 USD

If you feel ready to soar and bring your life, your truth, to new heights, it’s time to go to Soul School. 3 Courses designed to reform and rebirth a better you.

$ 125 USD

The collection of prompts and images you choose will help you get back in touch with the deep truths within yourself, and help you remember those truths on days when you start to forget.

$ 75 USD

This course is about bravely looking the scary and difficult stuff in the face… and then going out and doing it anyway. Why? Because you have to deal with the consequences of past decisions. Because things happen that are beyond your control. Because sometimes life just happens

$ 75.00 USD

In this class, we are going to explore how to get “out from under” your weariness and how it has been affecting your life. “Weariness” is an epidemic these days, so don’t feel shame if you’re feeling it too.

$ 200 USD

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