Creative, soulful expansions of the Truth Book Classes

Soul School - 3 courses to soar

If you feel ready to soar and bring your life, your truth, to new heights, it’s time to go to Soul School. 3 Courses designed to reform and rebirth a better you.

At this soul restoration retreat you will…

What's in this course?

the Courses:

GO WHERE THE PEACE IS Who is it for?
This class is for anyone who is yearning to find and keep their peace.  Often when we are spinning out, we turn to behaviors and places that make us better in the short-term, but in the long-term we feel even worse. In this course, you’ll be guided to find what feels like peace feels like for YOU, and where YOU might find it for yourself. 
What will you do?
You will be tapping into your awareness and intention as you answer journal questions and create a book using the techniques of collaging and mixed media with the materials provided to help you remember where the peace is if you ever forget.
How will you feel?
When it comes down to it, the single thing we want the most is PEACE.  Peace of mind is something our whole souls crave and strive for.  Peace is where we find clarity, where our wisdom resides, and where our truth can be found. Instead of fighting and resisting our circumstances, you will learn the magic of changing ourselves even when our circumstances don’t. We are not powerless. We can choose to go where the peace is. We can create peace. We can choose to stay where the peace is.
Who is it for?
This class is for those of you whose soul feels trapped, and for those who are ready to claim the truths of your freedom by exposing the lies that put walls around what is yours to claim.
What will you do?
You will do some reflective journaling in the workbook to help you identify where you feel stuck, and then create a soulful book from the collage elements that are provided. You will choose statements that feel true about you or you may write your own.
How will you feel?
You will be reminded that you are meant to use and enjoy the exquisite gift of choice. That you are meant for freedom, power, new beginnings, do-overs, and the beautiful flights of your soul. You are meant for it… all of it.
BEING TRUE TO YOU Who is it for? 
This class is for people who need help remembering and discovering their own authentic awesomeness!
What will you do?
You will answer some thoughtful journal questions, and then create a book using collaging materials provided in the workbook and in your package.  
How will you feel?
You will be able to acknowledge and accept and LOVE the parts of you RIGHT NOW, wherever you find yourself on your journey.
LET IT GO, LET IT FALL, LET IT BE Who is it for?
This is a creative, soulful class for helping you let go when it is time to let go.
What will you do?
You will be working on decision-making, forgiveness, overcoming, healing the past, and starting over through journal questions and by creating a book using the techniques of collaging and mixed media. The goal is to be able to let go and allow things to fall away that you wanted to stay put. 
How will you feel?
You will learn how to let things die that you wanted to stay alive. When you let life be, and find joy in all of it, your suffering will decrease and your joy will increase. 

Creative, soulful expansions of the Truth Book Classes

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